Brown Publishes Two Papers and Presents With Students at the Eastern Psychological Association Conference

By jretter | February 25, 2015

Dr. Christina Brown, assistant professor of psychology, contributed two papers to well-known psychology publications. “Self-compassion, empathy, and helping intentions,” published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, reports on two studies that show a link between being compassionate toward oneself and wanting to help others. “Different perceptions of self‐handicapping across college and work contexts,” published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, offers research on how college students and adult workers evaluate people who sabotage their own performance to create an excuse for failure.

In addition, Dr. Brown and her students presented six posters and one talk at the Eastern Psychological Association Conference in Boston this past March. Their research focused on topics such as social rejection, jealousy in romantic relationships, and perceptions of the personality of non-human animals.