PT Faculty, Students, Alumni Present at National Physical Therapy Meeting

By Christopher Sarachilli | February 23, 2016

On Feb. 17, members of Arcadia University’s Department of Physical Therapy were among 15,000 attendees at the four-day National Physical Therapy Meeting in Anaheim, Calif. The following faculty, students, and alumni presented research and posters on injury prevention, treatment outcomes, global health, PT education, mentoring, and athletic performance.


Drs. Amy Miller and Joe Adler ’93MPT, ’12DPT: “Description and Outcomes of a Collaborative Inter-professional Education Model Using a Simulation Lab”

Timothy Baker ’16DPT, Sarah Lopez ’16DPT, Amanda Sternberg ’16DPT, Dr. Kshamata Shah, and Dr. Philip McClure: “Functional Arm and Shoulder Test Performance in High-school Athletes”

Dylan Marks ’16DPT, Dan Safford ’16DPT, Jeff Turner ’16DPT, Dr. Kshamata Shah, and Dr. Philip McClure: “Reliability of the Functional Arm and Shoulder Test in Older Adults”

Alexandra Sable ’16DPT, Gerard Smith ’16DPT, Alexander Weinert ’16DPT, Dr. Brian Eckenrode, and Dr. Michael Parlatore ’07DPT: “Comparison of Shoulder, Hip, and Trunk Rotation Range of Motion Variables in Collegiate Women’s Soccer and Softball Players”

Dr. Shailesh Kantak: “Complex Motor Skill Learning Benefits Transfer to Simpler Functional Tasks in Patients with Stroke”

Casey McKenna ’16DPT, Marcus Rowan ’16DPT, JongMyung Kim ’16DPT, and Dr. Elliot Greenberg: “Factors Associated with Shoulder and Elbow Pain in Youth Baseball Players”

Kelley Borgard ’16DPT, Kimberly Poehlmann ’16DPT, and Dr. Kristin Day: “Feasibility and Clinical Utility of an Accelerometry-based Command Following Paradigm in Disorders of Consciousness”

Dr. Scott Stackhouse: “Combination of High-Intensity Strength and Locomotor Training to Improve Walking Activity in Ambulatory Youth with Cerebral Palsy: A Case Study on Two Subjects”

Elizabeth Lane ’16DPT, Jun Yoon ’16DPT, Dianne Weeks ’16DPT, Dr. Scott Stackhouse, and Dr. Brian Eckenrode: “The Effects of Concentric, Eccentric, and Isometric Contractions on Pain Sensitivity over the Achilles Tendon”

Drs. Andrea Bromley ’15DPT, Benjamin Buchanan ’15DPT, Megan Cessnun ’15DPT, Melissa Chiu ’15DPT, Elizabeth DiFebo ’15DPT, Janet Readinger, Martha Eastlack, Kristin von Nieda, and Karen Sawyer: “The Effects of an Intensive Exercise Program on Individuals with Parkinson Disease”

Dr. Michael Tevald: “The Contributions of Leg Press and Knee Extension Strength and Power to Physical Function in People with Knee Osteoarthritis”


Christian Porter ’16DPT, Ben Sacks ’16DPT, and Hsu-Hung Yeh ’16DPT: “Clinician Knowledge and Perceptions of the Collaborative Model of Clinical Education”

Faculty Presentations

Drs. Rebecca Craik and Ann Harrington: “Mentorship: Exploring the Transition from Mentee to Mentor”

Dr. Brian Eckenrode: “Transitioning the Injured Runner Back to the Road and Track”

Dr. Karen Sawyer: “Global Health Experiences: Who Benefits?”

Dr. Michael Tevald: “Getting Your First Academic Job: A Guide for Students, Post-docs, and Clinicians”

Dr. Susan Tomlinson: “Characteristics of a Terminal Clinical Education Experience to Best Prepare a New Graduate” and “Navigating Clinical Education Technology: Helpful Hints and Enhanced Efficiencies”

Dr. Elliot Greenberg: “Pediatric ACL Injury: Guiding a Family from Presurgery to Full Recovery”