Arcadia’s Creative Writing Program Hosts Mighty Writers Youth Organization

By Caitlin Burns | December 5, 2016

Arcadia University’s Creative Writing program hosted children and high school students from the Mighty Writers organization on Nov. 11. After touring the campus, the Mighty Writers read from their own works at an open mic and collaborated with Arcadia students on how they could make improvements.

“For many of the Mighty Writers, they’ve never been on a college campus before,” said Tracey Levine, assistant professor of English at Arcadia and coordinator of bi-annual collaboration. “They enjoy having the opportunity to visit and engage with our students. And on the other side of that, the Arcadia students enjoy listening to their stories and sharing their experiences.”

The Mighty Writers is an organization in Philadelphia that works with students from ages 7 to 17 to provide a safe and welcoming environment to improve their writing and speaking skills, in order to prepare them for college or to enter a professional field. In addition to a tour and open mic in the fall, Arcadia students visit a Mighty Writers center each spring to do readings and collaborate on projects.