Inquirer Heralds Atkins’s ‘Skewed’ as Timely for Current News Climate

By Caitlin Burns | January 10, 2017

The Philadelphia Inquirer reviewed Adjunct Professor of English Larry Atkins’s book, Skewed: A Critical Thinker’s Guide to Media Bias on Jan. 6, detailing it as “timely, given the recent fierce debate over “fake news” vs. reputable journalism.”

Skewed provides tools for today’s news reader to critique media and better analyze the biases presented as objective news. Released in August, the book is being hailed as a must-read for journalism students and the general public.

The review, “’Skewed’: How to be your own filter in the Web universe,” notes that “Atkins stresses that to be truly critical and informed consumers of journalism, people should stop and question what they read, see, or hear.”