Dr. Arkoosh Addresses Health Sciences Faculty and Staff to Kickoff Semester

By Caitlin Burns | September 11, 2017

Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, spoke to faculty and staff in the College of Health Sciences at Arcadia University on Sept. 6 on the role of public health in public policy. Dr. Arkoosh highlighted the variety and quality of programs supported by the County, her journey from clinical medicine to elected official, and opportunities available to students for collaboration through research and internships.  

“The College of Health Sciences is interested in developing a stronger collaborative relationship with County programs and activities, so it was critical to have [Dr. Arkoosh] come to campus to meet the faculty and staff,” said Dean of the College of Health Services Dr. Rebecca Craik. “Dr. Arkoosh is passionate about the value of a public health education to set health policy. She is a role model as a successful woman.”