The Class of 2022 Become Knights

By Caitlin Burns | August 27, 2018

Under sunny skies on Aug. 24, hundreds of students moved into residence halls as Arcadia’s newest Knights. Student-athletes and volunteers unloaded mini fridges, bedding, and other University necessities for the Class of 2022, which includes community activists, musicians, international students, and performers.

Some members of the Class of 2022 came to Arcadia for the “vibes,” like early education and Special Education major Sara Chiappardi ’22, from Lower Merion, Pa., while others were drawn by the international opportunities.

“I was really intrigued by the study abroad programs,” said Business major Jaelah Evans ’22 from Allentown, Pa., who will participate in the London First-Year Study Abroad Experience during the Spring semester. “I’d like to study abroad every year. I’m not really concerned about where, I just like learning in different environments.”

After toting belongings for students and chatting with families, President Ajay Nair welcomed the Class of 2022 in the Kuch Center, noting the symmetry of starting his first full year at Arcadia with this incoming class.

“I’m excited to go on this journey with you,” Dr. Nair said to the students during the Welcome to Arcadia rally. He encouraged them to explore all sides of themselves, rather than what was expected of them or what might be considered cool. “At Arcadia, quirky is cool.”

As families and friends said tearful goodbyes, students looked forward to new experiences. Plans have been made and classes scheduled, but as resident assistant Justin Tai ’20 said to students moving in, “it’s not about what you’re looking forward to this year– the best things come unexpected.”