‘Inquirer’ Reviews Anissa Mack Exhibition

By Caitlin Burns | October 11, 2018

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s art critic, Edith Newhall, reviewed Anissa Mack’s “Junk Kaleidoscope” exhibition, on display in Arcadia’s Spruance Gallery. The review, “In Philly galleries now: Anissa Mack, David Byrd, and Yusef Abdul Jaleel,” highlighted new and eye-catching exhibitions in the Greater Philadelphia area.

“What’s most likable about this show— and Mack’s artistic practice in general— is that her work could so easily slip into camp or irony, but it instead displays her ingenuity and a love for making things and making them express the most with whatever is at hand,” wrote Newhall.

“Junk Kaleidoscope” is on display through Dec. 9 in Spruance.