Adjovi Interviewed After Diplomatic Incident in Hungary

By Caitlin Burns | December 20, 2018

Roland Adjovi, assistant professor of Historical and Political Studies and a member of the United Nations’ Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, was featured in several international news publications after the group’s trip to Hungary was cut short when they were illegally denied access to “transit zones” at the Hungarian-Serbian border, where asylum seekers have been detained.

The event was covered by major news sources such as Reuters, The Independent, Deutsche Welle, The Philippine Star, and Hungary Today.

“Unimpeded access to all places of deprivation of liberty, including these transit zones, must be guaranteed to independent international, regional, and national organizations,” reported Adjovi and fellow team member Elina Steinerte in an official press release from the U.N. “This is vital for the protection of the human rights in a country governed by rule of law.”