Arcadia in Cape Town

By RetterJ | December 30, 2018

Student in South Africa

The College of Global Studies (TCGS) launched Arcadia in Cape Town, a program designed to help students merge their academic interests with community development initiatives in South Africa. Though South Africa has been one of Arcadia’s study abroad destinations since 2008, TCGS’ partnership with Cornerstone Institute supports field work and curriculum linked to the needs of Cape Town.

Arcadia in Cape Town offers Sociology, Community Development, Management and Entrepreneurship, Media and Communication, and Psychology courses, encouraging students to explore global issues, develop research, and pursue social entrepreneurship careers. An intimate learning environment similar to Arcadia’s, Cornerstone provides hands-on instruction, small class sizes, and one-on-one student support.

“Cornerstone is central to the social justice work of the city,” said Resident Director Dr. Alan Jansen, who teaches a core study abroad course that students will now take at Cornerstone. “It has, for decades, been known as a meeting place and a venue for great ideas and debate. The institution’s connections to Cape Town’s communities are unparalleled.”