Dr. Siskind Organizes Urban History Association Conference

By RetterJ | December 18, 2018

Dr. Peter Siskind, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, assistant professor of History, and executive director of the Urban History Association (UHA), was a primary organizer of UHA’s Ninth Biennial Conference, held in Columbia, S.C. from Oct. 18 to 21. More than 400 scholars attended the conference, which featured nearly 90 sessions.

Panelists were from a variety of professional backgrounds, including professors, publishers, museum directors, teachers, and documentary filmmakers. Many sessions focused on social justice in communities worldwide, including discussions on mass incarceration, Native American landscapes in the colonial era, and social organization in 20th century African cities.

The plenary session of the conference, “Inequality and Injustice: Battles Fought and Lessons Learned,” reflected on the 50th anniversary of the Orangeburg Massacre. Panelists discussed the development of issues such as the war on crime, income inequality, and the persistent rise in radical attacks against racial minorities. Overall, the session emphasized the importance of reflecting on history to ensure contemporary society is equal and just.