Glaccum Discusses Gender and Sexuality in ‘Warplay’

By RetterJ | January 3, 2019

Kevin Glaccum, adjunct professor of Theater Arts at Arcadia and artistic director of the Azuka Theatre Company, was interviewed by Philadelphia Magazine on Nov. 8. “LGBTQ&A: Kevin Glaccum” focused on Glaccum’s directorial work for Azuka Theatre’s Warplay production, which re-imagined Greek heroes Achilles and Patroclus as lovers.

Major themes of the show included male gender roles, intimacy, destiny, and the pressures of war.

“Both of these characters question who they are in relationship to the traditional view of a man — strong and stoic and a little violent,” said Glaccum. “They both feel trapped by that stereotype and even question why it exists, and I think that’s something men should be looking at today.”