Ireland Publishes Article on Gaelic and Old English Poetry

By Caitlin Burns | March 26, 2019

Dr. Colin A. Ireland, professor emeritus at The College of Global Studies and former resident director of Arcadia Ireland programs, published “Visionary Poets and the Aesthetics of Vision: Perspectives on Gaelic and Old English Poetic Practices”— an article exploring stereotypes associated with the “visionary Gaelic poet”—in Fír Fesso: A Festschrift for Neil McLeod (Sydney, 2018).

In “Visionary Poets and the Aesthetics of Vision,” Dr. Ireland examines visual characteristics in Gaelic literature and aesthetics of “Old English poetic tradition,” focusing on references to inspired poets, their dreams, and their works. He discusses how their reliance on dream-like visions often led to expectations of a “strong visual aspect” in their writing.