President Nair Op-Ed in Philadelphia Inquirer Focuses on Higher Education Leadership Diversity

By Caitlin Burns | September 27, 2019

President Ajay Nair

President Ajay Nair published an op-ed, “Higher education must close its leadership diversity gap,” in the Sept. 10 The Philadelphia Inquirer, where he discussed the discrepancy between higher education leadership and its diverse student body.

Dr. Nair wrote: “Why is it important for a university’s governing board, administration, or faculty to reflect the increasingly diverse student body at colleges and universities? To provide a more accurate representation of the world. To serve as direct examples of success for a diverse student body. To ensure that diverse viewpoints are taught, represented, defended, and considered within university decisions. To help sustain universities as they move forward with an evolving populace, an evolving curriculum, and an evolving world.”