Wu ’22 Explores Fantasy Through Art

By Caitlin Burns | December 16, 2019

Wu’s graphic work of her on a sailboat in a sink

By Caroline Jordan ’20

“I love being a member of the art department because I’m pushed to do my best, but still get the freedom to do what I want,” said Hanna Wu ‘22

Wu, a Graphic Design major, loves the opportunities that her program gives her. During her first year, Wu’s foundation courses involved her learning how to use a large variety of different materials and work in many different media. Some of her projects included giant wearable and movable wings and a graphic photoshop project (pictured above) that incorporates both drawing and photos. 

Wu prefers a more colorful and graphic art pieces; the majority of her inspiration comes from animation and fantasy. Through her Intro to Graphic Design and Digital Imaging, Wu worked to create other digital design items such as stickers and logos. 

Christian Patchell, visiting professor of Visual and Performing Arts, provided Wu an opportunity to create a poster for Dr. David Bryant’s Mozart Mondays program, a series of semi-regular events revolving around specific Mozart pieces. Wu was given the basic structure of what was needed of the poster, but was encouraged to have creative freedom. 

In addition to her graphic design work, Wu also works with the Arcadia Art Galleries, where she helps maintain the galleries by painting and repairing the walls and hanging new work along with the necessary labels.. 

Wu publishes her own work to her Instagram: .skyart