Arcadia Responds to Regional COVID-19 Pleas for Supplies

By Caitlin T. Burns | March 20, 2020

Facilities Packages Surplus Stock of Emergency Supplies to Donate to local EMS Personnel

Arcadia University’s Facilities, Maintenance, and Housekeeping teams spearheaded the donation of surplus supplies to local surrounding township emergency personnel on March 20.

With fewer people on campus, Facilities took the initiative to support local emergency personnel who are repeatedly exposed to the coronavirus. Armed with a list of supplies needed in the area, the team thoroughly searched all housekeeping closets and storage areas for “unseen, untapped resources” and quickly packed them into high exposure kits, which included N95 respirator masks, gloves, Uvex splash-proof goggles, Tyvek suits, hand sanitizer, and alcohol wipes. 

This effort is a modern version of the World War II scrap metal drives held during the early days of the war. During that time, as with the supply drives in the present day, thousands of volunteers supported the national effort by collecting vital supplies.  

What You Can Do

Arcadia encourages other institutions to follow suit by quickly walk through their facilities and collecting: unused N95 masks, Nitrile gloves of all sizes, splash-proof goggles, Purell or alcohol-based hand sanitizer (any size), and alcohol wipes for disinfection. 

Donations can be delivered to your county emergency management department for distribution to emergency personnel.  Every mask is vital in the fight against coronavirus.

“Residence halls, administrative buildings, and recreational facilities are mostly unoccupied due to the National Emergency, but the supplies that kept them running are still in place,” said Tom Macchi, associate vice president of Facilities and Capital Planning. “We can help by sharing some of our seen and unseen stockpiles in order to provide our local emergency personnel with the tools they need to protect themselves as they unselfishly step into the breach for us, day after day.”

Assisted by the University’s essential units, #ArcadiaStrong teams swiftly formed an assembly line to organize rubber gloves into sets, dispense gallon-size Purell hand sanitizer into smaller portioned bottles, and add special notes of encouragement, including a photo of Macchi’s dog, Bear, for a pick-me-up.

The supplies were distributed to Arcadia’s surrounding townships and emergency personnel.