Arcadia Collaborates with Senator Haywood for Online Social Change Course

By Caitlin Burns | May 6, 2020

Arcadia University and Pennsylvania State Senator Art Haywood are offering a free, self-guided learning opportunity for area high school students interested in social change. Dr. Alison LaLond Wyant, director of the Office of Social Impact and Innovation, and Senator Haywood are co-instructing Haywood Academy, which is designed to engage people in social justice and civic works.

While targeted toward high school students, anyone can enroll in this online course, which virtually meets once a month. The first session met on April 29, but registration is still open.

“The program was developed after the shutdown of local schools following the COVID-19 outbreak, with the intention to foster hope for the future,” said Dr. Lalond Wyant. “Arcadia partnered with Senator Haywood’s office to build structure, real-time connection opportunities, and rewards around the learning.”

Students will learn about topics such as finding your voice to explore social issues, utilizing art for social change, and ways to encourage civic engagement within your community. Students who complete and submit three or more exercises will earn a digital Haywood Academy certificate from Arcadia University, have a chance to submit their work to Arcadia’s ScholarWorks digital repository, gain an opportunity to interview for an internship with Senator Haywood’s office, and more. Any student who applies and gains admission to Arcadia University will be guaranteed a place in the Arcadia Civic Scholars program.

The next working session will be May 19, where Arcadia University Associate Professor and Chair of Visual and Performing Arts Carole Loeffler will discuss craftivism. Senator Haywood will also be on the call to answer civic and social engagement questions. Registration is required.