Dr. McClure Receives Excellence in Biomechanics Research Award

By Caitlin Burns | July 9, 2020
Headshot of Dr. Phil McClure

Dr. Phil McClure, professor and chair of Physical Therapy, received the Biomechanics Special Interest Group of the Academy of Physical Therapy (APTA) Research’s Career Excellence in Biomechanics Research Award. Dr. McClure received the award for his expertise in shoulder biomechanics and contributions to physical therapy publications. 

“It was a tremendous honor to receive this award and a wonderful acknowledgement of the work accomplished by several teams over many years,” said Dr. McClure. “I feel so fortunate to have worked with several outstanding collaborators and many excellent students in very supportive environments during my career.”

Outside of Arcadia, Dr. McClure leads MedRisk’s International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB), a panel of renowned musculoskeletal experts who conduct and review research. The research produced by the ISAB informs MedRisk’s guidelines for physical medicine in worker’s compensation cases.

In 2018, Dr. McClure received the Paris Distinguished Service Award, one of the highest distinctions given by APTA. In 2015, he received the Honored Professor Award at the Philadelphia Hand Symposium, and the Carlin-Michels Achievement Award from the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association.