‘Because Arcadia’ Student Blog Highlights Unique Arcadia Experiences

By Caitlin T. Burns | October 12, 2020

At Arcadia, students are offered an inside look at campus life—and a creative outlet to reflect on their experiences—through the University’s award-winning student blog, Because Arcadia

Now in its seventh year, Because Arcadia showcases a plethora of student experiences in all forms of media, from written blog posts covering campus events; to day-in-the-life vlogs; to spoken word poetry recordings; and more. 

Daijah Patton ’22

“I think that a lot of blogs want you to just follow one theme or rule, whereas here we have the ability to do us,” said English/Creative Writing major Daijah Patton ’22, who appreciates the creative freedom bloggers have to tackle all aspects of the Arcadia experience. 

This year, there are 14 members of the Because Arcadia team, including veteran bloggers Patton, Nick Schiavo ’22, Rikki Rosenthal ’22, Mia Woo ’22, Lashanna Bryant ’21, Anthony Carbonetta ’21, and Jasmin Ramirez ’21; and newcomers Madi Costigan ’24, Jamie Conlin ’24, Areiana Edwards ’24, Danita Mapes ’23, Shane Burroughs ’21, Garrett Davies ’21, and Anthony Devantier ’21. Bloggers represent a range of majors, including Computer Science, Environmental Journalism, Mathematics, Psychology, and more. 

Madi Costigan ’24

“Having the opportunity to write for Because Arcadia is really exciting and rewarding,” said first-year Costigan, who will study Politics, Government, and Law. “I’m looking forward to writing for such an involved student body that will inspire me and give me insight into life at Arcadia. I hope to learn about the unique interests and activities that students are partaking in.” 

In addition to being a creative outlet, Because Arcadia offers a hands-on writing experience that looks great on resumes. The selection process is competitive, as bloggers work closely with Executive Editor Sandra Clark ’14MBA, vice president for News and Civic Dialogue at WHYY, former managing editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer, and a graduate of Arcadia’s Master of Business Administration Program.

“I love working with bloggers on their storytelling,” said Clark, who helps bloggers strengthen their writing, storytelling, and communication skills. “They really embrace looking for creative ways to connect with students while giving a firsthand view of life at the University. I’m truly energized by them.”

To ensure timely content is always offered, each blogger is responsible for four posts per semester. This fall, they’ve also been challenged to submit at least one vlog. Recent posts have offered unique perspectives on online learning, being Black in America, mental and physical health, and more.

Mia Woo ’22

“I first applied to be a Because Arcadia blogger because I always thought it’d be fun to try out creative writing, but I never had the opportunity,” said Woo, a Ceramics (Pre-Art Therapy) major who views the blog as a means of stepping out of her comfort zone. “It’s been a great way to document my time at Arcadia and share it with other people, and perhaps even help out future students who might be able to relate to my experiences.” 

Because Arcadia was established in 2013 by the Offices of University Relations and Enrollment Management and is managed by Content Marketing Strategist Jen Retter ’16, who helped launch the blog as an undergraduate student at Arcadia. Bloggers have been recognized for their hard work through many accolades, including two CUPPIE Awards from College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals.

To read stories from Rosenthal, Patton, Woo, Costigan, and the rest of the Because Arcadia team, visit because.arcadia.edu