Lynn Darling Hendershot ’66 Establishes Endowed Scholarship

By Caitlin Burns | March 25, 2021


Arcadia University is pleased to announce that Beaver College alumna, Lynn Darling Hendershot ’66 has established the Lynn Darling Hendershot ’66 Endowed Scholarship.

Specifically designed to reduce the financial burden associated with the pursuit of higher education, the Lynn Darling Hendershot ’66 Endowed Scholarship supports the recruitment and retention of the most talented Arcadia students, regardless of their financial background. 

“Lynn epitomizes what I hope to see from all Arcadia alumni—deep pride for the legacy of this institution and a radically generous mindset that builds upon the transformative educational impact Arcadia has on students today,” said Brigette A. Bryant, vice president for Development and Alumni Engagement. 

Celebrating a milestone reunion this year, Hendershot recalls the lessons, opportunities, and memories of her Beaver College days with great fondness and still feels an enduring pride for the Scarlet and Grey. 

With a personal giving tradition that began with her very first gift of $15 in 1966, Hendershot’s support of the University has matured to include exemplary annual support to The Fund for Arcadia, support of the Landman Library campaign; and her thoughtful planned gift to Arcadia University. 

Recently, in the Fall of 2020, Hendershot renewed her annual leadership support and joined Susan Smyth Shenker ’69 as co-chair of the Jones Poundstone Society, together serving as exemplars in unrestricted giving and playing a critical role in encouraging annual leadership gifts in support of Arcadia and its students. Now, Hendershot adds an endowed fund to her charitable commitments, making an extraordinary difference to financially support the best academic talent, increase Arcadia’s recruitment strength, and provide equitable access to higher education to all who seek it.

“In so many ways, my Beaver College education contributed to my life of adventure and journey to empowerment and joy, so when I learned about the opportunity to establish an endowed scholarship fund, I truly felt that there was no better way to demonstrate my gratitude,” said Hendershot. “It is with great pride that I will continue to support my alma mater in any way that I can.”

In establishing this endowed scholarship, Hendershot also supports the University’s efforts to build a strong portfolio of endowed scholarships, taking advantage of the opportunity to double the power of her commitment through the Arcadia Financial Aid Initiative (AFAI). AFAI is a strategic and student-centered program through which the University provides a 1:1 match for donors who meet established gift minimums to either create a new endowed scholarship or supplement an existing endowed scholarship. 

For more information about giving to Arcadia University visit Giving to Arcadia University or contact Denis Brosnan, associate vice president of Philanthropic Giving, at