Weitian “Tim” Zeng: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

By Caitlin Burns | May 21, 2021


Major and minor: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Favorite Arcadia memory: Scarlet and Grey Day. Committing to a school was a tough choice but that day gave me confidence in my decision. Students who have just freshly left high school were everywhere and it was hard to feel alone. It was a good time for everyone to enjoy food and enjoy the campus. 

Involvement on campus: I played for the tennis team. I have done some research in the Psychology Department, though this is required for all students in the major. I took pride in creating and setting the research up for testing. I have done work in language detection, classical conditioning with lab rats, and tested the effects of the Golden Rule in promoting social behaviors. 

Advice for your first-year self: The one thing I would say to my first-year self is to do as much as I can in the beginning. I am now sitting here wishing I had done more but couldn’t because of COVID-19. I wish I could have declared a minor, I wish I stayed on campus more to do activities or even watch the movies with friends, and I wish I could have done more slow walks on campus to just enjoy the scenery. 

After Arcadia: Arcadia prepared me by giving me an environment to thrive in. The campus gathers bright minds and faculty members to nourish those minds. Arcadia also provides a diverse environment where everyone has a different perspective, and that is an important lesson to learn because the best way to make friends and allies is to understand that everyone comes from different places. In the future, I hope to meet even more individuals who have creative and open mindsets so that I may be able to effectively support them and provide as much help as possible.