Honors Students and Alumni Thank Klein for Outstanding Mentorship

By Caitlin Burns | July 1, 2021

Assistant Dean for Honors and Accelerated Programs Helene Klein doesn’t expect thanks for the individualized attention and mentorship she provides to her students, but that’s exactly what she received when her graduate assistant presented her with a book of personalized messages. 

These submissions showcased gratitude, appreciation, and more from current students, recent alumni, and faculty from the Arcadia community for her outstanding mentorship. The booklet was curated by Masters of Forensic Science alumna and graduate assistant Amy Stringer ’21, who was part of the Honors program as an undergraduate student. 

Stringer set up an online survey that she sent to students in the program, recent alumni who were involved with Honors projects like The Compass, and faculty she had interacted with over the years; she received 50 submissions about how Klein has impacted their journeys and careers.

“Even in this online era she was able to mentor us, keep us connected, and inspire us enough for everyone to fill out yet another survey to thank her,” said Stringer. “I wanted to give her something that was perfect and meaningful for her, because she puts so much effort into the program—inspiring all of us and working with all of us.”

The booklet is made up of 10 pages of testimonials from students, including: 

Admissions Counselor Devon Miller ’18: “Because of Helene, I had the opportunity to take on many different roles within the Honors program that challenged me to tackle new projects and gain transferable skills that benefit me in my career today. Her guidance and mentorship provides all students with so much support to try new things and implement their own ‘crazy’ ideas within the incredible community she has cultivated over the years. Helene’s impact on her students and Arcadia as a whole is lasting.”

Biology major Michelle Frank ’23: “Helene is one of the most empathetic people I have ever met. She truly makes an effort to understand each and every one of us. She is the reason why the honors program is such a happy place for a variety of people to unite and collaborate.”

Klein was so touched by the gift and said that it continues to sit on her coffee table at home reminding her of her good fortune.

“It says something very special about our students, alumni, and colleagues that during this absolutely crazy year, so many took the time to offer, in great detail, such heartfelt words. I am deeply touched,” said Klein. “So many teachers and professors work exceptionally hard to mentor and be there for their students, but not everyone gets to hear what their efforts have meant to their students.”