Cook ’17 Publishes on Catch-22 Women Face in Workplace

By Daniel DiPrinzio | October 5, 2021



by Rikki Rosenthal

Lindsey Cook, who earned a bachelor’s degree in English at Arcadia University in 2017, recently published a piece in the Villanova Law Review on the legal Catch-22 women face with age and sex discrimination in the workplace. 

Cook, who also serves on the Review Board for the Review, credits her time at Arcadia as a major factor in her success in law school. Her background in English helped her to create a strong foundation in writing, which has served her well in her current studies. 

“The most important part of being a lawyer is having a strong base in writing,” said Cook. “Law school covers everything you need to know about being a lawyer, so pursuing an undergraduate degree in writing or another equivalent has ensured my success.”