Arcadia Students and Faculty Creating New Mural for Cheltenham High School

By Dan DiPrinzio | May 4, 2023
Students paint the Cheltenham mural using blue and yellow paint
Students paint the Cheltenham Mural at 125 Royal Ave. Photo by Sydney Welch.

Students and faculty in Arcadia Public Art, in conjunction with resident artist Amir Campbell, are creating a new mural for Cheltenham High School. 

The mural will reflect the diversity of students, faculty, and staff at the high school and incorporate elements of the long and proud tradition of the Panthers. 

“We called the high school last year and asked if there was a way we could collaborate with them on a project, and they said they needed a new mural for their front foyer when you first enter the building,” said Krista Profitt, adjunct professor of Visual and Performing Arts at Arcadia University and interim director of Arcadia Public Art. “We spent time surveying Cheltenham students about what they thought should be in the mural, and we expect it to be complete in June.”

The 10 Arcadia students working on the project get two academic credits and have the opportunity to work with resident artist Amir Campbell. The work will also count as credit for the Arts and Entrepreneurship minor.

“I decided to participate in this because I love the hands-on approach and wanted the experience before I graduate,” said Marq Lynch ‘23, a Scientific Illustration major. “The pandemic started during my freshman year, which led to a lot of learning online and cut down on opportunities, so I’m really thankful for this. And working with Amir has been great. He’s free spirited and very open to all kinds of ideas. I’m more by the book and a bit more rigid, so it’s a great combination.”

The mural is being painted on a parachute canvas, which makes it waterproof and will last many years. Students and Campbell are currently painting it at 125 Royal Ave. in the former Bishop McDevitt classrooms. 

“I took this because of Krista, who is a fantastic teacher, and because I wanted to help bridge the gap between the arts and athletics here at Arcadia,” said Shane Stauffer ‘24, an Illustration major and a member of the swim team. “Both the swim team and the arts program have been very supportive and flexible so that I can participate in both. I now have friends in arts that come to swim meets, and friends on the swim team that come to art events. It’s really great.”

Arcadia Public Art has completed several projects around campus and the surrounding community over the last few years, including the renovated Glenside Station underpass and the on-campus mural called “Arcadia: Birthed out of Love” painted by Campbell.