Arcadia University’s Dr. Reale Publishes 13th Poetry Collection

By Admin Arcadia | December 13, 2022

Dr. Michelle Reale ’99, ’16MFA, ’20EdD, MSLS, associate professor and access services and outreach faculty librarian at Arcadia University, published In the Year of Hurricane Agnes, a collection of prose poems, through Alien Buddha Press. 

This collection connects the devastation of Hurricane Agnes in 1972 with poems that explore domestic, international, and personal events and upheaval. 

Jose Hernandez Diaz, poet and author of author of The Fire Eater and Bad Mexican, Bad American, writes that the collection, “contains dynamic prose poems which peer into the profundity of the mundane and the traumatic to confront the storms building up inside us, inside our painfully close families, inside our vibrant cultures, inside time and memory. Reale’s understated yet engaging voice and control of language and line reveal a relatable aesthetic and memorable prose poems. Luckily for readers, this fresh, nuanced, magnetic voice stays with us; a must-read!”

The book is available to purchase here