CALLING ALL STUDENTS – Participate in This Year’s Arcadia Video Contest

By Dan DiPrinzio | October 20, 2023

Students — nobody knows the story and experience of Arcadia better than you. That’s why we want to pay you to help tell that story! 

We want to show the world what a day in the life at Arcadia is like. We’re asking students to send in 30-90 second videos depicting anything and everything happening on campus as part of our video contest. Videos selected will win weekly and monthly prizes ranging from Arcadia swag to a $100 gift card! In addition, videos selected may be posted on the Arcadia YouTube and social media channels and used for marketing purposes; of course, you’ll be credited as the producer of the video, which you can include in your professional portfolio. 

From a quick tour of your room on campus or at Oak Summit to an experience in the classroom or the Commons, or just hanging out with your friends, and everything in between, we want you to showcase everything that is authentically Arcadia. Students interested in submitting videos can do so here. You can submit multiple videos every week and win multiple times. There is no limit!

We will pick the winner of the week each Monday. Winners of the week will receive a $10 gift card and Arcadia swag. Students who produce the top three videos of the month will receive a $100 gift card (first place) or a $25 gift card (second and third place).

We are open to any and all ideas — be as creative as you can and make it fun!