Choi ’19 Paints Mural in Boyer

By Caitlin Burns | March 28, 2019

Choi painting the mural

For her Honors project, Writing and Graphic Design major Rebecca Choi ’19 painted a mural for the Biology Department. The mural, which Choi began in the summer of 2018, will be finished in the spring semester.

The design includes a variety of colorful, nature-themed images, including plants, bones, animals, and cells.

“Anatomy and physiology are represented by the human skull, and the red and orange tree rings are for [Associate Professor of Biology] Dr. [Lauren] Howard, who studies dendrology,” said Choi, who was inspired by the research of the Biology professors. “I drew inspiration from a flesh-eating beetle project conducted here. The red and yellow roses are in memory of [Associate Professor of Biology] Dr. [Wes] Rose, as yellow is the color of remembrance.”

An experienced muralist, Choi was a student apprentice for Arcadia’s first public art project, “Bits and Pieces,” led by Adjunct Professor David Guinn. The mural, located by the Glenside train station, features elements of local architecture and LED lights.