Class of 2022 Spotlight: Lilybel Peralta-Sherriff

By Daniel DiPrinzio | June 16, 2022
Lilybel Peralta-Sherriff in portrait

Lilybel Peralta-Sherriff

Degree: Master of Arts in Counseling with a Concentration in Trauma Studies

Service: Lilybel, who is a family-based therapist, served a military deployment for 11 months with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

Terrific Collaborator: Lilybel has worked as a therapist at an inpatient rehab facility on weekends, where her supervisor praised her “terrific job in collaborating with other students and colleagues. She looks to help others to succeed as well as creating a safe, peaceful working environment.”

Going Above and Beyond: Lilybel went beyond her internship duties by translating paperwork into Spanish, making a tremendous impact on the facility and patients. As a student, Lilybel often volunteered to act as the client during role plays to help her peers develop their counseling skills.