Arcadia University’s Grad Program in Counseling Inspires Mack ’18, ’23M to Work Within Underserved Communities

By Emily Horowitz | March 23, 2023
A headshot of Daniel Mack ’18 ’23M

When Daniel Mack ’18, ’23M transferred to Arcadia University as an undergraduate in 2016, he was seeking an in-person education. And for the remainder of his undergraduate career, that’s what he got. In an ironic twist, when Mack returned to Arcadia in August of 2020 to pursue a Master of Arts in Counseling with a concentration in Trauma: Clinical Bases of Treatment and Recovery, classes had shifted to a remote format due to COVID.

Nonetheless, he’s now a few months away from graduating and has big plans for the future.

“I’m entertaining the idea of PhD programs,” Mack said. “I believe there are a ton of areas within psychology and counseling that need to be researched. With my unique and overlapping identities I know I can bring a lot to the fields. Additionally, I would like to work within my Black, brown, and queer communities as they often go underserved within the counseling field. A major career goal of mine is to focus on affordability, accessibility, and representation during my time in the counseling field. I believe it to be of the highest importance. Lastly, I hope some art residences and/or fellowships are in the picture as well. I recently found the medium of ceramics and I absolutely love it.”

Other hobbies of Mack’s include traveling, experiencing new and interesting cultures, hiking, exploring nature, and–a recent addition–knitting.