Dr. Eckenrode Publishes on Pain Sensitivity in Sports Physical Therapy Journal

By Caitlin Burns | December 11, 2019

Dr. Brian Eckenrode, assistant professor of Physical Therapy and coordinator for Orthopedic Clinical Residency, published “Pain Sensitivity in Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy” in the December edition of the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. 

Dr. Eckenrode’s research investigated whether nervous system sensitization in Achilles tendinopathy exists by using different kinds of threshold treatments. The research concludes that the multifaceted approaches to physical therapy management of chronic Achilles tendinopathy should include further interventions to address changes in the nervous system.

The paper was published in collaboration with Dr. David Kietrys, associate professor at Rutgers University, and Dr. Scott Stackhouse, associate professor at the University of New England.