Dr. Loury Discusses the Fight for Racial and Social Justice

By Caitlin Burns | February 9, 2021

By Aaron Uscinowicz ’22

During a live interview on Feb. 2 with WURD Radio’s The Source with Andrea Lawful Sanders, Dr. Doreen Loury, director of the Pan African Studies Program and assistant professor of Sociology, discussed her upbringing in Columbus, Ohio and recent racial and social justice protests.

“They must focus; not every revolution needs to be fought,” said Dr. Loury. “I had to pick and choose what my fights were going to be. What’s so hard sometimes, when working with young people is they must do their homework. You have to understand the past. There is no such thing as a new breadbox, it’s just shaped differently. Understanding the history and understanding where you want to put your energy and know how many people are going to be affected is what’s most important. Before you do anything you have to think about how future generations are going to see this.”

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