Dr. Morra Talks Energy Efficiency in WalletHub

By RetterJ | November 5, 2018

Dr. Wayne Morra, professor emeritus in the School of Global Business, was featured as an expert on energy efficiency in “Most & Least Energy-Efficient States,” an article published by WalletHub. Emphasizing environmentally conscious practices, Dr. Morra answered questions related to energy-efficient products designed to help consumers reduce consumption and maximize savings.

Among his tips, Dr. Morra recommended refrigerators, air conditioners, and ceiling fans as energy-efficient products with the best return-on-investment; stressed the importance of ensuring windows are properly insulated; and suggested using window films, insulation, and reflective roof coating to reduce energy consumption.

“Climate change is real, but humans require a nudge to participate in undertakings when all of the benefit does not accrue directly back to them,” said Dr. Morra, commenting on the government’s role in incentivizing consumers and businesses to invest in energy-efficient projects. “Direct subsidies to nonprofits, for example churches, schools, universities, can encourage those institutions to convert to more energy-efficient products.”