Ireland GFS Students Host Art Exhibition Inspired by International Experience

By Caitlin Burns | February 7, 2019

Students in the Ireland GFS course investigate the details of the countryside.

Students in last year’s “Inspired by the View: The Beauty and Boldness of Ireland” Global Field Study (GFS) will showcase their art and music inspired by the course on Saturday, Feb. 9 at Elcy’s Cafe in Glenside from 2:30 to 4 p.m. The opening reception will include a live instrumental performance by Rebecca Zimmerman ’20, which was inspired by Irish music.

“Inspired by the View” is taught by Maryann Worrell, adjunct professor of Visual and Performing Arts. The course explores the history, culture, and ecological make up of the West of Ireland’s Burren region, where students discover the artists, writers, and ecologists who have drawn inspiration from this unique region, including writers James Joyce and W.B Yeats, and artist Hamid Fulton. Upon return from the international experience, students convey their reflections on the experience of this Irish landscape, its history and the people through projects, presentations and writings.

Elcy’s is located at 1 W. Glenside Avenue at the Glenside train station.