Knight to Know: Hailey Smith ’24

By Ryan Hiemenz | May 9, 2024
Hailey Smith Honors Convocation 2024 student

Hometown: Downingtown, Pa.

Major: Criminology

Minor: Law & Public Policy

Extracurriculars: I go to all the events I hear about hosted by the Social Justice Society! I also spend a lot of my time working in Arcadia’s writing center.

Favorite Arcadia Memory: My favorite memory during my time at Arcadia would have to be going to “study” at Costa Coffee while studying abroad in London with my best friends, Linda Tran and Aliyah Tucker. This memory is where I feel like our close friendship began. Studying abroad for a semester is what brought us together–before they were people I wanted to be friends with, but I didn’t know how to get close to them. We spent the semester cooking dinner together and watching very tasteless TV in the evenings. I highly recommend studying abroad if you are able, you might just meet your best friends!

Post-grad Plans/Goals: I have joined the University of Manchester’s master’s course in Political Science. So all of my plans are about heading to Manchester in the fall! I do not plan on using my education to become a politician in such a shameful government. Instead, I want to land a job that genuinely improves people’s lives or our political system, without the empty motivation to look good for one’s political career. As many have said, everything is political, which is why I want to study it.

Shoutout to all the outspoken Arcadia students, I love coming across passionately opinionated people.

At this year’s Honors Convocation, Smith was presented with The Rayna Sue Moskovitz Memorial Award. “Hailey has a deep commitment to scholarly work and social justice,” said the faculty who nominated her. “In the class Social Justice in Action, she is conducting key research on plea bargaining in the criminal justice system. She sheds light on current criminal justice issues in ways that demonstrate her commitment to social justice.”