Reale Publishes Book on Challenges of Teaching Information Literacy

By Caitlin Burns | February 6, 2020

image of Reale’s book cover

Michelle Reale ’99, 16MFA, associate professor of Landman Library, has published a new book, “Meeting the Challenge of Teaching Information Literacy,” which examines the variety of challenges which arise in her field. 

Reale draws upon her own experiences to analyze the specific difficulties and anxieties that librarians may face, while offering a path for educators to generate positive change and continue forward. 

“I’d been thinking about the subject of this book long before I began to write it,” said Reale. “Information literacy is fundamental to student success and often difficult for librarians to teach in the academic setting, so I wanted to extend a hand of sorts to others in the field acknowledging that difficulty, but with the encouragement to press on. I hope that I have given other educators the validation to acknowledge the inherent challenges of teaching information literacy and giving them the courage to continue to do the hard, but ultimately rewarding work of creating information savvy citizens of the world.”

This is Reale’s sixth academic monograph to be published, along with 10 poetry books.