Reale Publishes Fifth Academic Monograph on Inquiry and Research

By Caitlin Burns | January 23, 2019

Michelle Reale, associate professor of Landman Library, has published her fifth academic monograph, Inquiry and Research: A Relational Approach in the Classroom, with the American Library Association.

In her book, Reale discusses how to foster the curiosity of students, and the importance of asking the right questions first rather than looking for the right answers immediately. It also includes examples from Reale’s own experiences as an educator, from both classroom settings and one-on-one conversations.

“One of the primary issues with students and research is not that they are not proficient using tools, such as databases, but they simply don’t know how to conceptualize the research problem, or how to approach it with questioning and curiosity,” said Reale. “They begin by looking for answers when they really need to begin with developing questions. Inquiry is the way into a problem– the first and most important step.”