School of Global Business Alumni Return for Nov. 30 Panel Discussion

By Jo Creollo | November 30, 2022

Wednesday evening, in the beautiful Laura Minerva Korman Mirror Room, a panel of ten alumni gathered to talk about their successes after college and to provide advice and guidance to the attending students while they continue their collegiate careers. After brief introductions from the panelists, students had the chance to ask questions about both their college experience at Arcadia and what they experienced in their life beyond graduation. Each panelist had insight from many different perspectives, different majors, and different career paths, but all had one thing in common–they cherished their time here at Arcadia and gained so much from both their classes and those they met. 

Something that resonated deeply with me was each alum’s appreciation for the professors at Arcadia. Almost every panel member spoke of a mentor that helped them through some of the tougher parts of college. They also all shared the love of attending school on a smaller scale with professors who knew your name and your story. This is something that I think all Arcadia students can relate to, as the teacher to student ratio is something that draws a lot of potential students to the university. 

I enjoyed each of the panelist’s responses to my questions, but a few had very moving testaments as prior Arcadia students. I particularly enjoyed the advice that many of them gave about staying confident in your abilities, networking successfully, and just how Arcadia’s tailored and unique approach to education aided them in their careers.