Tedesco ’15 Trains for Music Industry Success

By schwartzsa | January 29, 2013

Brittany Tedesco ’15 has never known life without music and couldn’t imagine a future without it. So, looking to merge passion with profession, she set her sights on the ever-changing music industry. Interested both in music production and performance, Tedesco knew she would need the right environment, instruction and flexibility to continue honing her skills as a vocalist while training as a producer.

As a Global Media major at Arcadia, Tedesco focuses on the production and technological aspects of multimedia, while her minor in music allows her to perform regularly and learn more about music theory and writing.

“I really want to explore all the options in my field,” she says. “There are so many aspects of media and creative industries, and my courses definitely don’t limit me to just one. I’ve been able to take a range of courses from video production and film to writing and communications.”

Her academic adviser, Alan Powell, Associate Professor of Communications, oversees her progress from course selection to the classroom. “In class, he always offers us the personal attention and feedback we need to improve,” she says. “I’ve always felt really comfortable … because it’s obvious [he] honestly cares about [his] students and wants us to succeed.”

Amidst a full course load, it would be easy to put vocal lessons on the back-burner. However, Tedesco says, “It’s a really great way for me to express myself and to relax and just have fun.” After working so hard to become an accomplished vocalist, she didn’t want to put her continued improvement at risk during college. Fortunately, she never had to make that choice.

“I chose Arcadia because I loved the small class sizes and personal attention, and especially because of all the great opportunities to study abroad,” she says.“But [music] was another reason I loved Arcadia, because I knew I had the option of choosing it as a minor. It definitely complements my degree.”

Dr. Elizabeth Murphy, Assistant Visiting Professor and Chair of the Music program, tracks her vocal progress during weekly one-on-one lessons and has always encouraged Tedesco to perform regularly at music forums and student recitals. It’s a request that wasn’t always a welcome one for stage-shy Tedesco.

“The more I perform in front of an audience, the more comfortable I’m becoming,” she says. “Plus it’s always a great feeling as you walk off stage knowing you got up there and did the best you could.” Today, Tedesco proudly refers to the recitals as “the most rewarding experience [she’s] had with the Music program so far.”

In September 2013, Tedesco will begin her year-long study abroad experience, a requirement as part of the Majors Abroad Programs (MAPs), in Australia. She’ll be taking her major courses—including Sound Recording and Acoustics, Sound and Image, and Music and Sound Technology—at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Following graduation, she hopes to get involved in the music industry as soon as possible.

Upcoming Music Events

  • Open Music Forum: Monday, March 4, at 7:10 p.m. in Murphy Hall, Room 115.
  • Performance Study Students in Concert: April 28, 7 p.m., Murphy Hall, Stiteler Auditorium

Photo by Kara Wright ’14 | Video by JoLynne Bremmer ’10