1940 Class Editor Writes Poem for 70th Reunion

By Purnell T. Cropper | June 29, 2010

Jesse Severe Robson ’40, longtime Class Editor for the Class of 1940, brought a special gift to this year’s Alumni Reunion in June, the following poem that she composed and read for all the Reunion attendees:

To the Beaver College Class of 1940

by Jesse Severe Robson ’40

Seventy years have passed since we left this spot
And there’s lots we have forgot
But we still remember that first September
When we arrived, ready or not.

Seventy years have flown like a summer’s dream
Since we wore those caps so green.
And we rode the bus to the other campus
Ruth Higgins was our Dean.

We had a great staff and faculty:
Curry, Spruance, Scott and Mrs. Z.,
Matheson & Abelson & Fenton, too.
Cutright, Sturgeon, just to name a few.

We had chapel, glee club and hockey games,
May Days, Honor Courts and also Laurel Chains,
Song Contests, concerts, proms and plays,
With classes and study, these filled our days.

Now here we are at Reunion seventy
Old Grads, Alumni are we
And we’re proud to cheer our alma mater dear
Arcadia University!