Chef’s Corner: Parkhurst and Arcadia Committed to Local Food

By Purnell T. Cropper | September 17, 2010

By Gene Boyle, Executive Chef, and Malcolm Whitaker, Executive Sous Chef

Beginning next week, Parkhurst Dining Services will receive weekly deliveries from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, a non-profit organic farmers’ cooperative in Lancaster County, Pa. Fall is the perfect time to begin a partnership with Lancaster Farm Fresh because Lancaster County offers an abundance of produce.

The Arcadia community can look forward to enjoying fresh apples, apple cider and roasted beets at salad bars in the Dining Center and retail locations. As autumn progresses, even more varieties of apples, squashes, pumpkins and other produce will be available. And Thanksgiving dinner at the Dining Hall will feature local free-range turkeys.

Lancaster Farm Fresh also carries products from a gluten-free bakery. We will be able to purchase and carry an assortment of high-quality freshly baked gluten-free breads, rolls, cookies and other desserts from Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery in Lancaster, Pa.

Parkhurst Dining Services strives to purchase as much as possible from companies, farms and distributers within 150 miles of Arcadia through the FarmSource Program. Items purchased from Lancaster Farm Fresh will be offered alongside products from Hatfield Meats in Hatfield, Pa.; Herr Foods in Nottingham, Pa.; Amoroso Bakery in Philadelphia; Wawa Dairies in Wawa, Pa.; Pocono Produce Company in Stroudsburg, Pa.; Harrisburg Dairies in Harrisburg, Pa.; and many more.