Arcadia Goes Green with Online Payroll Data

By Purnell T. Cropper | January 25, 2011

“We are pleased to announce that the University’s payroll will be going green!” reports Mike Coveney, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer. “Through our payroll provider, AD Computer, and their Internet-based service, AD Employee Self Service (AD ESS), you will have access to your payroll data online.”

The new system applies to faculty, staff and student payroll. The online system will allow the user to:

  • View or print check stubs or direct deposit vouchers
  • View W-2s and print copies
  • View or print pay stubs from previous pay periods. AD ESS builds a pay statement history and W-2 history. (Only W-2s for 2010 forward and pay stubs from payrolls processed beginning December 2010 forward will be available online.)

Arcadia University will no longer provide direct deposit stubs, effective Feb. 28, 2011. “As soon as you are registered on the AD ESS website, your paystubs beginning December 2010 forward will be available,” Coveney notes. Paychecks for those not enrolled in the direct deposit program will no longer be delivered to departments via campus mail. Effective February 1, 2011, all paychecks will be sent via U.S. mail to the employee address on file. We encourage employees who currently receive paychecks via campus mail to confirm their address with the Human Resources Office.

“For security purposes it is recommended that you register on AD ESS from a secure location. Accessing the program from public places with free internet access is not recommended. The link to the AD ESS website can be found in announcements on the MyArcadia homepage and also by following the campus link under Human Resources.”