Arcadia University Hailed As ‘Study-Abroad Mecca’

By schwartzsa | January 19, 2011

In the Dec. 26 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Staff Writer Aubrey Whelan names Arcadia University a “study-abroad mecca.” Her article, Study abroad: Before you go, do homework, discusses the process and importance of choosing the appropriate program.

Of Arcadia, Whelan writes, “its College of Global Studies helps send students from Arcadia and more than 300 other universities to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central America each year.”

John Wells, Director for Enrollment Management at the College of Global Studies, is interviewed in the article and discusses the importance of program selection with respect to a student’s learning objectives, degree of desired social involvement, and necessity to transfer credits. Whelan quotes Wells, “I think students really need to think about what their own learning objects are in going abroad—language acquisitions, learning about a specific culture, maybe even exploring a new perspective on certain subject areas… They need to be honest with themselves.”

Arcadia’s Preview program also is lauded as a fitting program “for those who cannot afford the time or expense of a semester-long trip.” Read the full article at