Bogue Explores Chinese Culture and Language in Beijing

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 8, 2011

By Heather C. Mick ’11

After returning home from the First Year Study Abroad Experience in London, International Studies major Faith Bogue ’12 began planning her second overseas adventure. This time she went to study in Beijing, China.

“While in China, I studied at Beijing Language and Culture University,” says Bogue. “I chose to study in China because of the sudden spotlight on the country in American media following the financial crisis.”

During the semester, Bogue took 15 hours of intensive Chinese every week to strengthen her knowledge of both the culture and the language.

“I would recommend my study abroad program to future students,” she says. “It was designed in a way that made it academically rigorous, language intense, and challenging. At the same time it provided opportunities for exciting travel around Beijing, China, and Asia, making it a well-rounded experience.”

Bogue hopes to take what she has learned about the recent economic success of the Chinese government and apply that knowledge to underdeveloped nations.

“Traveling abroad has helped me academically because I am often experiencing the real-world application of what I learn in my International Studies courses,” Bogue says. “It has also helped me to realize my own capabilities, the adventures involved with traveling, and how much there is left in the world for me to see, experience, and work for.”

Upon graduation, Bogue has a number of goals for her future. “I am applying for the Social Entrepreneurship graduate program at Columbia University,” she says. “I am also applying to be a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship, which would allow me to study at Oxford University after I graduate from Arcadia.”

In true American fashion, Bogue is keeping her options open for now, stating that she will “just have to see what the best offer is!”