200 Attend ‘My Big Fat Greek Dance’

By Purnell T. Cropper | April 29, 2011

By Dave Reale ’09

More than 200 students—many wearing homemade togas—attended My Big Fat Greek Dance, held during Spring Fling. Organized by Soula Disakias, Dance Chair of the Student Programming Board, the event provided a way for students to encounter a unique culture they might not have experienced before.

“I was very pleased at how many people participated, dressing up in their ‘bed sheets,'” says Disakias. “I’m planning on bringing back another Greek-themed dance just because it was such a hit.”

Disakias grew up attending gatherings organized by Greek youth groups at her church. She enjoyed the events because they were filled with enthusiastic people enjoying good food, dance and fun.

“There was never one dance that I found boring,” she says. “Most modern Greek music has an easy, determinable beat to dance to, which makes dancing to Greek music easier for those who are not familiar with the culture.”