Class of 2011 Wins Jell-O Tug of War

By Purnell T. Cropper | April 29, 2011

By Dave Reale ’09

On April 15, during Spring Fling, the sixth annual Jell-O Tug of War saw eight teams competing for a chance at victory and a $500 check for their class. Like last year, the Class of 2011 emerged victorious, beating out team Matt Damon.

Originally fearing the weather would hinder the amount of spectators and participants, event organizer Damian Van Hart was happy to see otherwise.

“The atmosphere was a full of excitement and really was the only thing keeping the crowd there in the cold wind. With that aside it went great, 150 plus crowd at peak moments,” he says.

Sponsored by the Alumni and Annual Funds, the event dates back to 2006. It was started by Kevin Hughes ’07 and Marie Morasco ’07 as an effort to promote class identity by encouraging the classes to compete for the prize to be used for Senior Week.

The other six teams who participated were Team Nine, KLP, Awesome Parachutes, Thomas Girls, Jimmies, and Yeah, Buddy!