University Seminar Performs ‘Ear Cleaning,’ April 1

By schwartzsa | April 1, 2011

Dr. Peter Appelbaum, Professor of Education and Coordinator of graduate mathematics education programs, and his University Seminar will perform “Ear Cleaning”—original compositions for found and experimental soundscapes—on Friday, April 1, from 8 to 9:30 p.m. in Grey Towers Castle.

“Students in US244, Ear Cleaning: Form, Pattern, Experience, have been undertaking demanding, creative and intellectual work, inventing their own musical instruments, composing their own compositions, and exploring new forms of visual language to represent sound, structure, shape, and form,” Appelbaum explains.

“They have jumped into the ongoing philosophical conversations about the nature and meaning of art and the artistic process, and I am thrilled to share their unique and personal interventions in the ongoing controversies. This opportunity to work with an audience is yet another level of challenge that they have proven they are ready to take on this semester. It promises to be fun and profound!”

The audience will be invited to explore “Sound Map,” an ongoing public collaboration composed of recorded sounds from specific locations on Arcadia’s Glenside campus that have been uploaded onto an interactive Google map. The piece questions the roles of composer and listener.

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