Infant-Toddler Mental Health Certificate Course Offered in Spring

By Purnell T. Cropper | November 1, 2011

The initial course for the Graduate Certificate in Infant-Toddler Mental Health—Infant-Toddler Growth and Development (ED 613A )—is offered online in Spring 2012.

This 12-credit part-time interdisciplinary Arcadia University Graduate Certificate consists of four courses, each requiring 20 practicum hours in a family or educational setting. The program is offered fully online and can be completed within one calendar year.

The Infant-Toddler Mental Health online certificate program is suited particularly for professionals who are seeking additional expertise in the field of infant-toddler mental health and who represent a variety of fields, including early intervention, behavioral health, social work, foster care, early childhood mental health consulting, nurse consulting, occupational and physical therapy, speech and hearing therapy, and child care.

The program is designed to develop leaders in the field; support increased communication among professionals, caregivers and families; and train infant and toddler mental health professionals. The coursework focuses on research that supports prevention and intervention efforts to address mental and behavioral health issues in early childhood which will reduce significant personal and social difficulties in later childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

The certificate program can be taken as a stand-alone professional development and skills-building program for those participants who do not have the time or the need for a full-time master’s degree. However, credits earned may be applied to a Master of Education degree. The online certificate program also provides an opportunity for students living and working in a variety of regions to train in the field via the Web.

Required courses  for the 12-credit Gradute Certificate are:

  • ED 613A.OL Infant-Toddler Growth and Development (3 credits)
  • ED 613B.OL Infant-Toddler Assessment (3 credits)
  • ED 613C.OL Infant-Toddler Mental Health Prevention and Intervention (3 credits)
  • ED 613D.OL Communication, Consultation and Collaboration in Infant-Toddler Mental Health (3 credits)

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