Arcadia Establishes Occupational Therapy Agreement with Salus University

By RetterJ | June 23, 2017

Committed to ensuring robust educational opportunities for health science graduates, Arcadia University has entered into an articulation agreement that will allow qualified students to pursue Master of Science in Occupational Therapy degrees at Salus University in Elkins Park.

Arcadia graduates with a 3.25 or higher GPA are encouraged to apply for Salus’s sequential degree program, which emphasizes interdisciplinary perspectives, critical reasoning, and professional development. Each year, Salus will reserve four seats for Arcadia students who meet the program’s admission requirements and successfully complete the interview process.

“Arcadia’s alliance with Salus University strengthens the academic experience for students pursuing advanced program tracks,” said Dr. Rebecca Craik, dean of the College of Health Sciences at Arcadia. “By encouraging students to access the educational and clinical resources of both institutions, we will prepare the next generation of occupational therapists to provide quality health care services in this rapidly growing field.”

“With Arcadia’s outstanding academic programs and reputation, this collaboration will be beneficial to both institutions,” said Assistant Professor Lauren Sponseller, chair of Salus’s Department of Occupational Therapy.  “Our OT students are clinically strong, grounded by theory, with a passion for interprofessional practice. This agreement reflects the shared interests and values of both institutions.”