President-elect Nair Co-publishes on Community Building in ‘INSIGHT Into Diversity’

By RetterJ | January 25, 2018

Dr. Ajay Nair, president-elect of Arcadia University, co-published “A Social Justice Approach to Building Community in Higher Education Today” in INSIGHT Into Diversity.

Addressing the importance of community building through a social justice lens, Dr. Nair, a member of INSIGHT Into Diversity’s editorial board, and Dr. Corlisse Thomas, vice chancellor for student affairs at Rutgers University-Newark, describe a community-of-practice paradigm that enables shared passions and commitments to flourish in higher education:

Social justice training also provides insights into our work in every context — financial, facilities, career services, leadership, and more. Only by recognizing that every aspect of our leadership affects social justice on our campuses can we enact systemic change in our tradition-laden institutions and ensure a sustainable future for our increasingly diverse student populations and the larger society.”