Fashion Designer Bonner ’07 Interviewed by Philly Mag

By RetterJ | June 8, 2018

Graphic Design alumna Iris Bonner ’07 likes to party with Cardi. And Mary J. Blige, Pink, Missy Elliott— her clientele is star-studded, comprised of powerful women.

As the designer behind These Pink Lips— a brand that fuses vibrancy, sexuality, and rebellious pop culture— Bonner uses paint techniques to produce ready-to-wear fashion, including her coveted Barbeebootz and “Goal Digger” accessories.

Bonner’s line empowers women— from Cardi B in Amazon’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial, to model Amber Rose at the 2015 VMAs, to Sex and the City stylist Patricia Fields, who carries These Pink Lips in her online store and boutique—  to shed stereotypes and harness the power of feminism.

On May 12, Philadelphia magazine interviewed Bonner about her fashion inspirations, go-to accessories, and design essentials.