Arcadia’s National Cyber League Team Places in Top 1% at National Competition

By Ryan Hiemenz | May 5, 2023
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Arcadia University’s National Cyber League (NCL) team competed in the NCL team competition from April 14 to 16, placing 36th out of 3,593 teams nationwide. 

The team consists of Cole Baugh ’24, Chloe Fox ’24, Tyler Kuhl ’24, Gary Magill ’26, Abigail Osborn ’26, and Thomas Tubinas ’26, and is coached by Dr. Vitaly Ford, associate professor of Computer Science and Mathematics. During the competition, the students put their cybersecurity skills to the test in scenario-based challenges and scored 2,230 points out of 3,000, with an accuracy of 83.9% and a completion score of 84.7%. 

Challenges included using forensic data to identify hackers, examining and auditing websites for vulnerabilities, analyzing network traffic, cracking password hashes and different cryptographic ciphers, and gathering intelligence. The NCL was founded in May 2011 to provide an ongoing virtual training ground for collegiate students to develop, practice, and validate their cybersecurity skills in preparation for further learning, industry certifications, and career readiness.